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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vitamin Care Box

You won't even believe the stalking I do once I receive my tracking number from Memebox.  I finally got my highly anticipated Vitamin Care box box this week, which is still available for purchase here.
Vitamin Care Box

Memebox sends a card with details of each product and directions to use it.

The first item is the Elizavecca Real White Vita-Sauce 30 (50ml) FULL SIZE with a value of $48.00.

Pure Vitamin C with over 30% of the facial ampoule.  It's highly concentrated to provide instant moisture, wrinkle care, and whitening.  It claims to be a skin protection all in one. The directions I found how to use are:
1. Apply after cleansing and toning.  Use 2-3 drops and smooth in gently all over face.  Especially smooth intensively the aged area such as pigmented or wrinkled lesions.
2. Initially, a slight tingling may be experienced.    
3. Mixing with several drops of Vitamin and toner, it makes your skin feel refreshed without being gooey.
4. Apply moisturizer
As soon as I applied it made my face feel sticky.  It is a very thin liquid almost like a water coating mask pack.  It will now supposedly protect my skin.  I will continue to use this for 2 weeks to see if I notice a difference.  I did find something similar on Amazon.  

The second item was the Amini Vitamin Shower Body Soap Bar 120g FULL SIZE value $12.00

I absolutely love the fact that this soap is all natural and organic.  It states it will rejuvenate the skin with it's gentle and replenishing formula consisting of vitamin rich rosehip, lavendar, and peppermint oils.  I can't wait to try this soap!

The third item in my Vitamin Care Box is the one I was least excited about.  Pure Smile Hand Gel Citrus Crash FULL SIZE valued $2.00 

It states that it "keeps your hands germ-free with citrus infused hand gel."  This item was already given to my girlfriend and is in her purse!  I just didn't feel this was an item that should be in a Korean beauty box.  I can buy these everywhere in the U.S.

The 4th item I was a bit more excited about.  It is a Gelee Labo Marmalade FULL SIZE 12g valued at $1.00.

This facial pack has a jelly like texture made from fruits.  It is supposed to moisturize and soften skin after leaving on for 15 minutes.  It has orange extract, hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, and licorice root extracts.  Excited to try this but might just put it aside till the winter, as my skin tends to get more dry.

The 5th item I was a little hesitant to try is the Lip treatment with mixed fruits 10g FULL SIZE value $5.00.  I found the strawberry lip one from Amazon.
This smells amazing, but is extremely sticky.  I am assuming it's stickiness comes from the Snail as I have heard snail products have a very thick sticky texture.  This will deliver instant hydration and nourishment to dry and chapped lips.  I must say I have to agree I put it on right before bed and woke up to super soft lips.  Who would of thought I would be putting Snail products on my lips, and like it!  I am very happy with this product. This fits well with the theme of Vitamin Care.

The 6th item with a value of $11.00 which the spoiler they released for this box.  Evas Vitamin Sun Cream SPF 38 PA++ FULL SIZE.

I needed this a little earlier in the summer season to prevent the burning at the beach.  I did not buy any since I knew I would be getting this very soon.  I have yet to try it, but I am going to sesame place next week with my cousins and nephew.  Hope it does the trick I can't wait to try!

the 7th and final product are 2 packs of Juicy point pads it's value say's $2.00 I am not sure if it is meant for one or both.

One in Lemon and the other in Orange.  It say's they are made with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and collagen components.  You use them for a quick skin emergency for your face or body.  I found more of these on Amazon in Strawberry.  I am going to pass one of these along to my sister to try also.  I don't think I have any use for these at the moment, but will hang on to one pack just to try.

Not bad a total of 7 products with a total value of $81.00.  The cost of the box was $29.00 plus the standard shipping fee of $6.99.  I however only paid $12.99 with the shipping fee.  I had 20 memepoints (which total $20.00) 15 I believe for signing up with them, then they added another 5 to everyone's account, and use a $3.00 off coupon.  This box is currently still available for purchase here.  The value isn't as much as I am use to by Memebox, but there are still a lot of fun products.  Products I probably would never have heard of so I am excited to try everything.  These opinions are my own and this box was paid for by me.

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