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Friday, August 22, 2014

Fermented Cosmetics 2

I could not wait to get home to my Fermented Cosmetics 2 box from Memebox.  If you are not familiar with Memebox following the link for a great breakdown of what they have to offer.  I ripped open the box as soon as I got home.  It was a Superbox which means all FULL SIZED products.  This box was initially supposed to come with 7 products, but about a month or so before it shipped.  Memebox sent an email about the spoiler they had posted about it expiring in 10 months and are throwing in 1 extra product to make up for this.
The box comes with a card that has all the names of the products, prices, pictures and directions.

First item I noticed was in the black pouches with the cute little Panda in the front.  There is actually a list of ingredients in english.  It is the Cotterang Panda Eye Essence Mask 3ml valued at $9.00.  The directions say to place the eye masks under your eyes and rest for 20-30 minutes, and to store them in a refrigerator for better results.  In the refrigerator they go!  I can't wait to try these I just love the cute little panda on the package.  Looks like Tony Moly has something like this also Panda themed through lighting in the box. Amazon also has the Tony Moly eye patch for sale.

The next item I see is the Dermahouse Galactomyces Wrinkle Care Essemce mask 30ml valued at $2.00. There are also some english directions on the packaging as well as the Memebox card.  It says it is made specifically for sensitive skin.  This is an anti wrinkle mask which contains hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, anti wrinkle complex, and Galactomyces.  I can't wait to see if this will really tighten and brighten up my skin. I will be trying this next week!

The SOYBIO+ Fermented Soap 80g valued at $42.00.  Really that much for face soap?  I say that is a lot for a bar of soap.  I had to do my research of course and found one on Amazon for $69.00 and was fermented for one year.  I am really excited to start using this as soon as I finish up my sample size one from my Petit Vour subscription.  I have been using a fermented toner which I got from the first fermented memebox and my skin loves it!    I have such huge pores and this is supposed to penetrate my clogged pores and cleanse away all dead skin cells and impurities.

The spolier that was revealed by Memebox was the Dran Wonder Serum 30ml.  The value is $42.00 this was the product I received an email about it expiring in 10 months.  I am still happy they put this in the box and added even an extra product.  It smells like flowery perfume.  I actually love this smell.  It does have a thicker consistency than other serums I have used.  A little does go a long way and after it dries my hand was a little tacky.  I can understand why Membox sent an extra item.  This serum can last me a very long time.

Face calming Galactomyces Cream 30ml for $19.00 by The Skin House.  This moisturizer I will save for the winter when my skin is really dry.  The lotion is a creamy pink color.

The 6th product in the box is the Time Shift Toner 120ml from Tosowoong.  I love that this is a full sized product.  Memebox has this item valued at $34.00.  I found it on Amazon for 29.90 plus $2.99 shipping sold directly from Tosowoong.  Ends up being $1.00 cheaper on Amazon and probably a lot faster shipping.   Wishtrend also carries this product for $31.99 plus shipping.

This is the 3rd item I have received from Memebox containing snail mucus extracts.  Curious about the snail mucus read here.  I am not to keen on the smell of this product.  I don't know what it is but smells a little like medicine.  I will have to look up the ingredients in this product before I put it on my face.

The 7th item is the Aesthetic Reparative-K Cream 20g cost is $43.00 by Cotterang.  This is to calm reddened sensitive skin by creating a protective layer on top and creating skin regeneration.  I don't think I will get much use for this item.  I am going to add it to the pile for a giveaway at a later date.

Another product I am still not sure I need this is the Cycle Repair Whitening Spot 15ml for $24.00.  When I opened the box on the tube it say's 5th edition.  It is a whitening spot cream with fermented extracts and hyaluronic acids.  This is for lines and wrinkles which thankfully I don't quite have a problem with yet, but maybe will use to avoid getting them.  

This is another one of my favorite Memeboxes just like the Fermented 1 box.  This cost of this box was $32.00 plus the $6.99 for shipping.  The total value of the box $215.00 I would say I definitely got my money worth.  I think the fermented boxes are my absolute favorite themed box.  Please make a 3rd one Memebox! 

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