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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Time On My Lip a new product by Memebox lavailable in the Memeshop

I received an email from Memebox last week that they were sending me a product to try out.  They are launching their own line of products!!  How exciting!  The email was not specific as to what the item would be so now the wait right?  Wrong what did I receive the next day but a package from Memebox!  The sent me their new lip tint in Awesome Pink.  It is currently available for sale here single tint goes for $12.00.

I am always skeptical when someone say's lip tint as they tend to be more lipstick based, and when I think lip tint I think literally something that will tint my lip to a more natural color.  Something I can use on day's I am not feeling my best, or have a cold where the color is flushed from my face and my lips are grey.  There are 3 ways Memebox suggests wearing this lip tint:
1.  Gradient lips ( I suggest using a primer on lips first to help create a matte look) you just dab the tint in the middle of the inside of your lips and blot.
2.  Lip tint brush one coat on your lips for a nice rosy pink tint
3.  a 2nd coat makes it more gloss like and brighter

I prefer to on to full coats as a lip gloss then dab off the slightly stickiness for a nice matte tint.  Now let's talk about this awesome staying power.  I worse this for more than 4 hours and it did get lighter but still made my lips look rosy pink.  I am in love and so thankful for Memebox who sent me this awesome tint to try out!  

Verdict: I now want the orange tint to add to my collection!  This tint is exactly what I look for in a tint long lasting color, shine, and versatile usage.  I think Memebox is onto something and can't wait to see what they come out with next!

This picture shows the staying power after you wipe off the shiny gloss.

Disclaimer:  I did receive this product in return for a review, however the opinions are 100% my own.